Disciple Maker


Jason is the lead pastor of The Cloud Church, a Heart Revolution Church with the vision to Turn Hearts, Develop Potential, and Advance the Kingdom.

About His History & Family

The Family Dynamics

Pastors Jason and Christine have been married for 16 years and have three amazing children: Adena, Eliana, and Jediah. They are avid marathon runners running each marathon together. Pastor Christine, a foodie, is often quoted saying that she runs so she can eat. Pastor Jason is a huge Star Wars fan; he just might have a light saber replica in his room. Together they are determined to make it impossible for people not know Jesus in Orange County and beyond.

His Purpose

If you cut Jason open, he would bleed one thing: disciple making. His feet are on this planet to ensures that the Faith is transmitted from one context to another; from one generation to the next. He is ferociously committed to the future, always bridging barriers, establishing the church in new contexts, developing leaders, and networking globally. Additionally, he is wired to guard and embed spiritual DNA of the Kingdom both theologically and missonally.

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